Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jason slips through a Vortex and lands in a beatnik world

Or rather, Will the Thrill of Thrillville took over the Vortex room last Thursday night to play a couple of beatnik flicks.

First up, A BUCKET OF BLOOD. Roger Corman's awesome send-up of the beatnik hipster art scene. Walter Paisley is a busboy at a beatnik cafe. He wants to be an artist--specifically a sculptor--but he can't make the clay do what he wants. Until one night, his cat stuck in the wall is driving him crazy, and he stabs it--through the wall--with a knife. And so to cover it up, he literally covers it up with clay, making a sculpture of a murdered cat (knife and all) that is an instant sensation. So he's just gotta make more, and that naturally leads to human figures.

Then THE BEAT GENERATION. There's a serial rapist--the aspirin kid--running around town. The cops are on his tail. Then I drink too many martinis and fall asleep. I...I hope the aspirin kid didn't get me.

Total Running Time: 161 minutes
My Total Minutes: 187,313

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