Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jason goes to Bad Movie Night to see STAR TREK: NEMESIS

My God that was awful. So awful, I have to leave the country to escape its stench. Hell, I might have to leave the hemisphere. Both the Northern and Western Hemispheres. That's it, I'm going to South Africa!

Running Time: 116 minutes
My Total Minutes: 187,749

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baceman007 said...

Yeah, this movie sucked, but then again all of the Next Gen movies sucked. So let me start with what was good and bad. The good list is short.
Good: The Scimitar is fucking super bad ass. It's probably the meanest ship ever seen in Star Trek. Patrick Stuart is always good, even in bad movies.
Bad: Well just about everything else. I mean really, the Romulans didn't just kill this super dangerous clone outright, and he was recovered in a mine. Then the super bad ass Remans followed him, him, the messed up super weak clone of Picard?! Please, they would have ripped his head off and made a stew from his bones. Then the whole Troy mental rape scenes, ending with "remember me" when Troy uses her abilities to help the baddest ass ship in the Federation fleet find the Scimitar.... The list of flaws goes on and on and ends with the needless destruction of Data. Yeah, this movie offends all of the sense, especially the Star Trek ones, still it was not as off point as the J.J. Abrams partial birth abortion of a movie that he put into his newly forged Star Trek universe. You know, my views on this from my commentary on the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie. I guess the super high gear shitting on my favorite series will hopefully end with when Warner Brothers takes a total crap on the Robotech Unvierse, but that is still to be seen. They can always purchase the rights to Gundam 08th MS Team, etc.