Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jason watches HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (in 3-D)

And it's weird to admit it, but this kids movie is probably the best thing out in mainstream theaters right now. It's funny, exciting, the 3-D is good (but unnecessary), it's got a good ethos about seeing the world differently, and I simply have no complaints.

Oh, and to Jonah Goldberg, who claims this movie teaches (the wrong-headed liberal lesson that) there are no monsters, I'm going to have to type very slowly so you'll understand (and I'm sorry, but I'll have to give away spoilers): In fact (bigger spoiler) our little hero Hiccup teaches the Vikings to team up with the dragons and fight the bigger monster oppressing them. I wouldn't read it as deeply as this analysis (which I think is at least partially tongue-in-cheek), but the fact is if Jonah Goldberg thinks there are no "real" monsters in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, he must have had his head up his ass for the final 30 minutes (I could be nice and assume he just fell asleep, but I don't see how anyone could sleep through a movie this good).

Running Time: 98 minutes
My Total Minutes: 180,494

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