Saturday, July 4, 2009


...fuck it. Everything I wanna say I've already tweeted.


baceman007 said...

I can't even bring myself to go to this one after the first which resulted in a commentary on my website, which is part of my podcasts for those who are interested and can be synced with the movie. At any rate, there is a very funny podcast of this film where it is reviewed as if it's an art film since it was supposedly so abstract and poorly written that it can be viewed in such a way.

baceman007 said...

Well I finally watched this on DVD... I would never pay to see this after the first one. I discussed about 5 paragraphs of problems with the movie this morning with others, but in the end we all agreed that this movie flat sucked. So in the spirit of not wasting anymore time on this movie, which is probably a crime against nature, I will simply say that if you haven't watched it don't waste your time. If you have, no amount of analysis is worth your time. There was nothing good in this movie except the CGI, and even that was implemented poorly.