Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jason goes to SFIAAFF--Day 9

And now the festival moves to San Jose, for its second opening night party.

The film was WHITE ON RICE, which was the flat-out funniest film in the festival. Hiroshi Watanabe plays Jimmy, a Japanese man-child and former film extra who has moved to America to stay with his sister and brother-in-law while trying to get back on his feet. His wife has left him and he really doesn't know how to take care of himself. Seriously, she left him 3 months of pre-cooked food, and when he ran out he starved for a while and then came to America. His sister Aiko is extremely (overly?) patient with him, but his brother-in-law Tak wants him out...or dead, either way is pretty good. He does get along pretty well with Bob, his 10 year old nephew (who's a child genius, but ignored in all the pandemonium that Jimmy causes). That's good, since they share a bunk bed. Things will only improve when he gets a new wife. And he has the perfect target--Tak's beautiful neice Ramona (I guess she's only a neice-in-law to him, so it's not that creepy? Okay, it is). Hilarity most definitely ensues. Very hilarious.

Most of the cast was there, as was writer/director Dave Boyle. The Q&A was cool, and then over to the after party at the San Jose Museum of Art. A few drinks, some delicious food (love that guava cake!) and finally I had to hop on the bus home.

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