Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jason watches "It is Fine! Everything is Fine!"

And I can finally answer the question: what do you find after watching just about every movie you possibly can? Answer: Crispin Glover's cripple porn!

Okay, the night started off with Crispin Hellion Glover presenting his "Big Slide Show", where he read along from 8 books he wrote, with titles such as "Concrete Inspection" and "Rat-Catching". Funny stuff. Then the feature was part two in his "IT" trilogy. If you've seen the first, "What Is It?", don't worry this one is much easier to follow. It was written by Steven C. Stewart, a man born with cerebral palsy (who played the dueling demi-god auteur who killed Crispin Glover in "What Is It?"). It's based on his sexual fantasies, his obsession with long hair, his frustration at being trapped in his uncooperative body, and his desire to make a movie where he's the villain. So Glover directed a noir-surrealist film starring Stewart. Stewart seduces women, washes and brushes their hair, but the moment they even consider cutting their hair, he strangles them. Weird, hard to watch (but not as hard as "What Is It?"), but ultimately an affirmation of the dignity of a man with a horrible disease.

Incidentally, this was about 20 years in development, Glover took the job in "Charlie's Angels" to get the money to make this. 1 month after shooting wrapped, Stewart died, so this movie is his legacy.

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J708 said...

i wasn't impressed at all with this one.