Sunday, July 1, 2007

Jason watches "Sicko"

So of course, I had high hopes for Michael Moore documentary which even Fox News raves about. And it delivers not just a damning indictment of what's wrong with our health care system and who's to blame, but also--if not quite a solution--hope. He finally comes across as the angry, disappointed optimist I remember from "Roger and Me" and his TV shows (which, by the way, was during the Clinton administration. Hmmm...maybe he's not just a knee-jerk Democrat tool?) instead of the bitter rabble-rouser in "Fahrenheit 9/11" (which was still a great movie, he just stopped being likable).

I could go on with the specifics of the movie, or my opinions of the health care system (being in the medical device field, I know a bit about how insurance reimbursements control everything in every step of the industry), but really you should just watch the movie yourself.

But there is one thing I want to say. I hear all the time that Michael Moore isn't a filmmaker, he's just a propagandist. Well, the numerous times I've sat in a dark room and watched flickering lights with synchronized sound compiled by Mr. Moore proves he's a filmmaker. And the fact that whatever he says nearly 50% of the population will immediately disagree proves he's not a very good propagandist. Seriously, Michael Moore could say, 'The sky is blue' and there would be people accusing him of an extremist left-wing anti-night, anti-clouds bias. I really hope that this time people watch the movie and take the message instead of just attacking the man.

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