Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jason goes to Holehead--Day 3

Saturday was a short day, and a shorts day at Holehead.

First up was Apps Against Humanity - shorts about technology
#MURDERSELFIE: A couple who are more into their smartphones than each other get a scary interruption, but eventually she'll get her Instagram trending.
C.T.R.L: An app that lets you control other people's action, turning a chance encounter into an amazingly awkward dance.
FRIEND REQUEST: Some people think we already talk too much via apps and not enough in real life. But this takes it a step further.
GPS: There's just a few simple rules to using this sinister GPS. Follow all of the directions precisely, and never go to the bathroom after eating tobacco sauce.
HIDDEN WINDOW: A stalker website where it looks like the videographer is stalking and killing his victims. And a young journalist investigating a series of murders that might be connected to the website. Excellently done.
MANDRONE: A master at chess, traps, and survival takes on an army of drone-controlled men.
THOUGHTLESS: From Berkeley, in the future not only will hate speech be policed, but the hateful thoughts that lead to hateful speech and hateful actions. They'll just be wound back and replaced with positive thoughts.

Next up was Work Is Hell. I tend to agree.
THE DOOR: A particularly observant janitor notices a non-descript door, just like all the other doors in the building, only it was never there before. Or maybe he's going crazy.
EXTINCTION: When social security is all about exactly how long your benefits will allow you to live, bureaucracy makes end-of-life decisions for you.
KNOCK!: A man working late...a knock on the door.
THE NIGHT SHIFT: An orphanage that's run with all the efficiency of an animal shelter. And not a no-kill shelter. The new hire finds out more about his duties.
OVERTIME: A guy is forced to work late. He's desperate to get home in time. But he just keeps getting delayed. That's bad for him...and everyone.
PORTAL TO HELL: In one of his final roles, Roddy Piper plays a crusty old building superintendent. He has to deal with unclogging toilets, replacing lightbulbs, fixing the power, dealing with the two old dudes in the basement who are summoning Cthulhu,...
THE RIDE: Based on a true story, a guy gets a ride to work from some random good Samaritan, who turns out to be really weird and maybe deadly.
THE SUIT: A superhero has had it with being a tool of American foreign policy, and is determined to quit. But he has to make sure his family is safe, first. Hey, you do the same job long enough, you get burnt out.
THE WORKING DEAD: Post-mortem revival brings a star employee back to work after just a few weeks off for death. He quickly becomes the braaaaaiiiinnns of the operation.

Then there was Love Is Strange. I tend to agree.
APOLO81: Due to a technical glitch, this didn't actually play. Sorry.
DEAR ANIMA: A man, his childhood love, his drawings of her, and one of them comes to life. Trippy.
ELLE: A woman, the nice man she takes home, and her unusual pet.
FATE: A wealthy man looking for love consults a psychic.
IN BAD FAITH: A woman gets a little bit of payback on her ex and his new girlfriend.
THE LOCK-IN: A bartender deals with incredibly rude customers. Until he can't deal with it anymore. And then he deals with it perfectly. And gets a lovely lass to help him out.
NEON: Never actually called an angel, but a man who brings people together is forbidden by a higher power from actually pursuing love for himself. But he has fallen in love, and he has a plan to save her.

And I missed the rest of the day because I went to Scotchtoberfest. But that's a different, drunker story.

Total Running Time: 282 minutes
My Total Minutes: 434,618

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