Monday, June 15, 2015

Jason goes to Docfest--Day 6

I'm falling a week behind, so now it's desperation time to catch back up.

Last Tuesday, two more movies.

HOW SWEET THE SOUND: THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA was a beautiful musical tribute to some legends of the Blues. Growing up in a segregated school for the blind in Alabama, the boys learned to play and sing, and that took them out of their bleak existence and earned them a living (and a friendly rivalry with the Blind Boys of Mississippi.) Now they (at least the originals, there's been a lot of turnover) are in their 80s at least, still performing, still winning Grammys, still getting the most out of life. And just generally being awesome. Which is awesome.

CALLS TO OKIES: THE PARK GRUBBS STORY: Then the second show started with a short about a bunch of bored kids in Oklahoma who made and recorded prank phone calls long before The Jerky Boys or Crank Yankers came out. And it's hilarious.

THE SANDWICH NAZI: And then I ended the night with a hilariously inappropriate deli owner. Salam Kahil is a Lebanese emigrant who owns a sandwich shop in Vancouver. He's also been blessed with "9 1/2 inches and no brain." And (at least if he's to be believed) he's had a pretty wild life. But mostly he's just a foul-mouthed comedian who will gladly show you his giant penis, ask about your sex life, talk about getting blowjobs, take you into the back of his shop and point out all the cum stains on the floor...Okay, that's gross enough in any context, but this is a freakin' sandwich shop and he's handling all the ingredients. Think about that for a minute.


Despite all that, he actually comes across as a kind of charming guy, always smiling, and truly not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks of him. And he's pretty generous with free sandwiches for the homeless people who can't pay. So...if you're ever in Vancouver, and need a sandwich, and have a high threshold for getting grossed out, maybe give his shop a try. No, I don't know where it is.

Total Running Time:185 minutes
My Total Minutes: 400,061 (woo hoo! Milestone reached!)

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