Friday, February 13, 2015

Jason goes to Indiefest--Day 6

Two more films last Tuesday.

Shorts 2: No Regrets. Films with a bit of a dark edge.
TOTAL FREAK: Summer camp pranks and hijinx, with a monstrous ending.
BAD AT DANCING: A boundary pushing film as a perpetual third wheel constantly gets in the way of a couples love life. Like, interrupting them and having a conversation right in the middle of sex. And it ends with a full on graphic female masturbation scene. Porn at Indiefest, yay!
QUESO FLAMEADO: That's the secret word to trigger a most idiosyncratic assassin.
FANTASTIC: Vincent Gargiulo (DULUTH IS HORRIBLE, THE MUPPETLESS MOVIE) is back at Indiefest with a hilarious FANTASIA parody/bizarre ride. Balloon people, classical music, getting stuck in an art film, and Mozart's back with his first new piece in centuries.
SMITHSTON: A grieving father deals with tragedy...and more importantly how to pronounce "Smithston." Not "Smithson," no "Smithton," but "Smithston." Smithston. Smithston. Smithston.
BUFFALO JUGGALOS: Buffalo is horrible. Juggalos are horrible. Buffalo Juggalos is boring.

And then another film in the running for best of the fest. THE APOSTLE is a super atmospheric claymation animated feature from Spain, set in the style of old UK Hammer Horror films. An escaped convict sets out to find the gold his partner hid. But the town, a pilgrimage destination for Christians, has a secret. They seem friendly, but they're living under a curse, a curse which compels them to lure the unsuspecting to their doom. Everything about this film is pretty darn perfect. The story, the look, the animation, the music. Wow. I need to watch it again when I'm better rested and not fighting exhaustion. But even in my groggy! Oh, hey, the DVD is available!

Total Running Time: 170 minutes
My Total Minutes: 382,749

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