Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jason goes to SFIFF--Day 7

I didn't get there in time to see an early evening show, so instead I just drank free Grolsch (yay, sponsor beer!) in the lounge until it was time for BORGMAN. So let me begin by saying I struggled to focus and stay awake, and I will need to watch it again when I'm well rested and/or sober. I followed along while the armed priest chased Camiel Borgman out of his spider-hole, along with two of his friends. He makes a break for it, and immediately finds a well-off neighborhood where he can maybe ask for a bath. He's not immediately successful, in fact the husband beats him rather savagely. But the wife takes him in (unbeknownst to her husband) and gives him a bath, food, and wine. Although she takes the wine away from him before he's finished, which was just horrifying. Well, things will get more horrifying. At first Borgman appears to be a poor, homeless beggar, perhaps a free spirit unable to fit into society but not immediately threatening. But the devilish prankster quickly becomes a devilish devil, and...well, this is were I lost the narrative thread in a drunken haze, and so I will have to try again. But what I saw was weird enough, dark enough, and funny enough that I definitely am determined to try again.

Running Time: 113 minutes
My Total Minutes: 361,108

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