Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jason goes to Midnites for Maniacs for a double dose of Kill or be Killed.

THE RUNNING MAN (1987) and BATTLE ROYALE (2000.) Let me just sum this up quickly. Back in 2012 when THE HUNGER GAMES came out, many people compared it to BATTLE ROYALE. I spent quite a bit in my review explaining how that comparison isn't apt. And watching Schwarzenegger's classic (possibly his best movie from the best part of his career) back to back with BATTLE ROYALE and having THE HUNGER GAMES buzzing around in the back of my brain...well, the better comparison is THE RUNNING MAN and HUNGER GAMES. No question about it...they're both about placating an unruly populace with crass, glitzy entertainment. BATTLE ROYALE, on the other hand...changes every time I see. I used to think it was about kids killing kids. Sure, they're forced, but some get into it and some don't. I.e., it's about out-of-control kids. This time, I saw it as more about adults punishing kids for their own failures. The most important part wasn't even any of the action on the island, but Takeshi Kitano's painful, awkward phone conversation with his daughter who hates him. Interesting. I wonder what it will be about the next time I see it.

Total Running Time: 215 minutes
My Total Minutes: 359,737

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