Friday, February 14, 2014

Jason goes to Indiefest--Day 7

Just one movie last Wednesday, and it was the shorts program All Figured Out. Celebrating Indiefest's own Sweet Sixteen with a program of films featuring adolescents.

BAD KID: Max is a really bad kid. Like kills-his-parents bad. But at least he calls the cops on himself. And he throws a pretty cool house party. But still, over all, a pretty bad kid.
I'LL BE FINE: A loving documentary look at a family and their 19 year old autistic son (who is the director's...cousin, I think he said.) Beautiful movie.
IN PRAGUE: An American Teenage girl goes to live with some relatives in Prague. While she's struggling to fit in we learned she's not just dealing with language and culture shock, but a pregnancy.
MOTHER CORN (NAHIIN NUU): A Triqui Indian teenager struggles with cultural identity. She only speaks Spanish instead of Triqui, no matter how much her patient and loving grandmother takes care of her.

And I could've sworn there was one more, but it's not listed on the program guide and I'm too exhausted to remember. In fact, those four films add up to 75 minutes but the guide says 95 minutes. So there must have been another 20 minute short?

And then I went home early due to sheer exhaustion. I've already resigned to the fact that due to my business trip to Switzerland I couldn't see absolutely everything in the festival. And that's the first time that has happened since I started going in 2002 (sort of, there have been bonus, last minute additions that were impossible to fit in my schedule, but that's another issue.) That's significant, but this in a way is more so. For the first time ever, I chose to sleep rather than watch an Indiefest movie in the one chance I had to see it. And for that, I would like to formally apologize to the makers of REMEMBER YOU'RE SPECIAL. In a way...this kind of makes you special.

Total Running Time: 95 minutes (I think...see above)
My Total Minutes: 350,711

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