Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jason watches THE WORLD'S END

My friend Ira already wrote what I'll consider the definitive review of this third entry in the loosely-related (i.e., same guys made them) "Cornetto Trilogy." So I'm not going to rehash old ground. Just a few points.

As a (sometimes too often) hard-drinking guy nearing 40, Simon Pegg's Gary is my new hero, especially with his kick-ass trench coat.

Each pub reflects a plot or character point in the movie. While the final pub, The World's End, is pretty obvious, my favorite one was actually The Famous Cock. Not to give too much away, but it's the only one that remembers Gary--and has banned him for life.

While there's a lot in the movie about growing up, it's not really about becoming a responsible, productive member of society. Growing up (at least Gary's form of growing up--and by the end he does) isn't about contributing, it's about acknowledging that if you want to be drunk, fucked up, and irresponsible you will take what life gives you as a result. It's about being free...to do what you want...any old time. And having that freedom is better than a comfortable life of civil responsibility. To alter a phrase that one of Gary's heroes (well, I'm sure he's a hero, although it's not formally established in the film) said once--it's better to be an adult in Hell than a child in Heaven.

Running Time: 109 minutes
My Total Minutes: 337,152

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