Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jason goes to Docfest--Day 15

A.k.a, "Closing Night." Which is to say, the last night in San Francisco. Still one more weekend in Santa Cruz.

So the closing night film was TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY, which I had already seen in Palo Alto. I feel like I shouldn't press my luck by repeating my review here. I pretty much said it all the first time--at least about the subject. I will say the second time watching it I was more impressed with how Cullen Hoback incorporated scenes from other movies in there. And I'll say that the San Francisco audience laughed waaaaaay more than the Palo Alto one. There were chuckles in Palo Alto, there were guffaws in SF. 

And it was cool to chat with Cullen before and after the movie. He did offer me more insight into exactly why this movie didn't play in Cinequest.'s interesting. But if he and his team has decided not to start a public thing with Cinequest, I won't either. I like Cullen, I like Cinequest, it's a shame they didn't come together on this one, but at least TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY APPLY should be getting some play in both San Jose (probably at the Camera Cinemas, but nothing is official yet) and in San Francisco (probably at the Roxie, probably in August, but again nothing is official.)

Then we headed right across the street for the after party, where I stayed and got drunk on free Sangria instead of catching a second movie (I was thinking of seeing FUREVER, but it was not to be.) Oh, well. That was fun! 

Running Time: 79 minutes
My Total Minutes: 332,058

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