Friday, March 29, 2013

Jason goes to Asianfest--Day 9

Okay, my updates are a week late, but CAAMFest ended last Sunday, I've gotten some sleep, and today is a holiday (Good Friday) so it's time for me to finally update my blog.

Last Friday I was delayed at work for way too long and so missed ASTROBOY, but I was there in plenty of time for NICE GIRLS CREW: SEASON 2. I hadn't seen the first season, but it didn't really matter. It's pretty easy to find on Youtube, and pretty easy to get into. Three longtime friends start a book club. They drink, they make fun of each other, they plan their careers, they try to men broken hearts, the...I guess maybe they sometimes read books, but that never really becomes part of the plot. Pretty ridiculous, and very funny.

And then I stayed up for the late show, GRACELAND. Actually, that's not really true, I fell asleep during the late show, GRACELAND. I was awake for enough of the beginning to meet our hero, a chauffeur, and his employer, a corrupt Congressman in the Philippines. And I was awake long enough to see both his daughter and the Congressman's daughter get kidnapped from his car. And then...there's a long blank area with flashes I can't really put together, and an ending which indicated that the hero had been put through the physical and--more importantly--moral wringer. I trust that the parts I missed were well done, tense, dramatic, and exciting. But this is one I need to watch again when I'm well rested.

Total Running Time: 134
My Total Minutes: 322,946

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