Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jason goes to Indiefest--Day 7

Another day, another two shows.

First up, the shorts program An Animated World. Yay cartoons!
SHAVE IT: Super-colorful story of a monkey who shaves off all his hair and becomes a corporate executive...then a politician...then a clear-cutter of cities.
FOXED!: Creepy foxes have kidnapped a little girl, hidden her behind the mirror, and secretly replaced her.
RETROCOGNITION: An awesome collage of classic sitcom scenarios--especially the audio. Hilarious, although it runs a little too long (could've accomplished the same thing in about half the time.) Love the "close shave" joke, but that's just because I'm kinda sick.
LIBIDINIS: Umm...are those lovers ripping each other's skin off in a fit of passion? Yes, yes they are.
HERE TO FALL: A city falling apart, collapsing on itself, and one girl running through it chasing a signal from her father. Beautiful and confusing.
THE HOPPER: Violence in an urban neighborhood. Kids rob drug dealers, things go bad. The whimsy of claymation at odds with the darkness of the story.
SILENZIOSA-MENTE: Surrealism that teased me with a hint of a bunny but no big reveal. Instead with got dogs and cats debating, floating telephones, a redhead with a head full of birds,...and awesomeness.
THE MISSING KEY: In 1920's Venice, a young Japanese music student named Hero Wasabi competes for the Abacus Scroll against the pompous Count Telefino. Oh yeah, Hero is a phonograph player (his parents are wax cylinder players), Count Telefino is a telephone who hired a telegraph machine to sabotage the competition. Really the only "normal" thing in the movie is Hero's oboe-playing cat. Beautiful.

And then it was time for WRONG, by master of absurdity Quentin Dupieux (RUBBER.) As the clock flips from 7:59 to 7:60, Dolph Springer wakes up to find his dog Paul isn't there, which is very unlike him. So he goes searching for him, running into a jogging-obsessed/jogging-denier neighbor, a gardener who is worried about how his palm tree turned into a pine tree, a promiscuous pizza delivery girl, and Master Chang. Is finding his dog worth losing his mind? Of course it is! Doggies are awesome and nobody in this movie is using their sanity anyway. Hilarious.

Total Running Time: 186 minutes
My Total Minutes: 314,788

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