Friday, November 4, 2011

Jason watches MINDGLOW, with performances by Limosine and Bronze

I've never seen such a hullabaloo for the world premiere of a short film. But then, I've never seen a short film quite like MINDGLOW before (and you know I see a lot of films). Teeth brushing...infected burritos...male pregnancy...alien vagina football babies with eleven eyes...I swear I'm not just typing random words, all these and more are in this film. Describing it would defeat the purpose.

Oh yeah, and the world premiere featured an opening performance by local bands Bronze and Limosine. I know fuck-all about music, including which band was which. But the pre-band was a bunch of screeching and tribal chants, plus some paper snowflake chains. The post-band were dressed as cops, and once they got going (after some technical difficulty, blew a fuse or something trying to plug in a fog machine) they were slightly more musical, but still pretty loud and screechy. Either that, or sitting as far up front as possible isn't the best spot acoustically. Both bands made me think, 'man, that movie was pretty fucked up.' Quite a night.

Running Time: 17 minutes
My Total Minutes: 254,125

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