Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jason figures out how to split time at several film festivals this weekend.

Almost, I think. It's exhausting being me. Anyway, here's my plan.

Tonight (Thursday) I'm heading to Palo Alto for the Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival screening of AFTER THE CUP.

Friday night, I'm finally going to catch 3rd I, the SF International South Asian Film Festival. Especially excited about FOUR LIONS at 7:20 and ASSHOLE at 11:30. SLACKISTAN at 9:30 will probably be cool, too.

Of course, that means I'll miss my chance at a second screening of BABNIK, from this year's Cinequest, when it plays at Cinema By the Bay. I do plan to attend the series on Saturday, though (unless I'm too exhausted). Always happy to support locally made film, and especially since Cinequest is promoting it, too.

On Sunday, I work at Niles and as soon as I'm off at 4 pm I'll head down to San Jose for yet more of SVJFF, catch a couple more films there.

Good thing I finally (for the first time in a few weeks) got completely caught up on my blog posts, because I'm pretty sure I'll fall well behind this weekend again.

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