Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jason slips into a Vortex to see LOGAN'S RUN and MOON ZERO TWO

Just catching up from last Thursday night. Geez, I've been too busy to blog.

Anyway, Vortex room, which means get fueled up on a couple of martinis. I'm going to go ahead and assume you've all seen LOGAN'S RUN. It's a freakin' classic. If not, just go see it.

MOON ZERO TWO was much sillier. A wacky little trip about a moon salvage expert (whose title craft, Moon Zero Two, is the Eagle from Apollo 11) who after getting fired teams up with a band of criminals to hijack an asteroid made of sapphires to crash it into the moon and salvage it. What the hell...

Total Running Time: 219 minutes
My Total Minutes: 185,149

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