Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jason goes to Bad Movie Night and sees THE WIZARD OF OZ

Wait, what? Bad movie night?! Right, they did a month of "blasphemy," playing good movies while drunkenly ragging on them. And for Thanksgiving weekend they played the Thanksgiving classic WIZARD OF OZ.

It's the story of a stupid little girl who goes skipping through a magical land with a bunch of idiotic queers. We took a vote and determined that the Cowardly Lion is, in fact, the gayest (narrowly beating out the Tin Man). The moral is that you shouldn't seek adventure but learn to be happy in your gray, colorless, Kansas life (presumably marrying the boy next door and having a bunch of kids while never leaving town). Incidentally, that's the exact opposite of the series of books, where eventually Dorothy moves to Oz with her Uncle Henry and Auntie Em. Also, have you ever noticed when approaching the Wicked Witch's castle, the Scarecrow is holding a gun? (FYI, Speilberg has bought the rights to the movie so he can digitally replace it with a walkie-talkie).

Oh yeah, and what sort of retarded city planner builds a road that ends in a fucking spiral? What the hell, this movie does suck!


baceman007 said...

Although I consider all movie opinion to be subjective I think on the whole this can not be highlighted as a bad movie and the goal of highlighting it as such is a spoiled film school kid's pipe dream.
I am assuming that you watched the 1939 Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland.
There is the IMDB link listing all of its awards. Sure Hollywood gives awards away for dumb reasons sometimes, but this movie won just about every award that was out at the time. Maybe they should call this event something else. Although it is not illegal to make try to change public opinion and make a bad movie out of a good movie we should always try to reward great minds for their work. We can poke fun at many old movies, especially in the Sci-Fi realm, because their effects are now so out of date that they look cheesy, but were considered cutting edge at the time. Should we start hanging people out to dry for advancing the field of movie special effects so someone can have a film festival? Still this is America so I don't have to like it, but at least I can bitch about not liking it. This idea really rubs me the wrong way.

puppymeat said...

You're missing the point, baceman. Bad Movie Night (at http://darkroomsf.com/#bmnnow) isn't spoiled film school brats, it's drunk bastards. The point it too get drunk (beforehand, apparently the fuzz busted them a couple weeks back) and yell at movies. Normally really bad movies, but November they did "blasphemy month"--playing good movies at Bad Movie Night (T2, Dark Knight, etc.) but still getting drunk and ragging on them as a challenge.

Of course, my "reviews" of Bad Movie Night have to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it's also interesting how watching a movie through the lens of Bad Movie Night makes you notice things you never saw before (e.g., the Scarecrow is packing heat) or look at things differently (WTF is up with the Yellow Brick Road ending in a spiral? The Munchkin City planner was retarded!)

I stand by my review, tongue-in-cheek as it is.

BTW, if you really want to kill a movie, don't rant about how much it sucks--people will see it just out of curiosity. Talk about how it was just okay.

baceman007 said...

I appreciate your stance on this, and I did get the point that it was just one month called "blasphemy month", and that this is mostly done for fun. Still I still think it's lame to line up a bunch of good movies under the heading of bad movies even once. If you're going to review a movie, getting super drunk is a bad idea in the first place, as I know from first hand experience. All of the times I watched Michael Bay's Transformers sober, which was one to many the first time, I noticed way more specifics as to how it sucked than when my friend and I did the "drink 12 beers by the end of the movie and record a review at the same time" night. Our review, although funny in it's own right, is not valuable by the middle of the movie when we're both stinking drunk. Sure it was a great experience for us, but probably not very valuable. At least in that case we were reviewing an already bad movie.... Perception is an interesting point, I'm sure some movies that make little sense are great high. For example, "The Amazing Screw-On Head" is probably awesome if you're high or even just drunk. I am not sure on the other hand, how to enjoy it, beyond it's animation, sober. As a fan of good animated movies in general I was a bit biased and wanted to, but I just couldn't. I can also see how a masterpiece could be misinterpreted while drunk, etc. Perhaps I'll have to test my theory by watching Citizen Kane and drinking a lot. Still in some way that seems like it will make me the ass and not the makers of Citizen Kane since they probably didn't expect people to try to interpret the movie drunk.