Monday, September 14, 2009

Jason slips into a Vortex and spends some time with a BEAT GIRL

After Burning Man, the only way to ease back into movie watching is going to my favorite semi-secret underground cult film club, the Vortex Room. Of course, I took it easy last Thursday--just a couple martinis, a few beers, and one movie.

That movie was BEAT GIRL, from 1959. It's the story of a young woman and her new stepmother. Dad brought home a sexy new wife from Paris, and of course his daughter rebels. And that rebellion gets more interesting when she learns her new stepmother used to be a stripper (working for a very young Christopher Lee). Beyond a young Lee, there's also a teenage Oliver Reed (okay, he was 22 at the time, but he was playing a teenager--credited only as "plaid shirt"). Of course, given the time no actual stripping is shown, and it's mostly kitschy nowadays. But it was still good drunken fun.

Join us next Thursday night at the Vortex for a size-defying double-bill of VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS and VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.

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