Monday, April 6, 2009

Jason goes to the Niles Film Museum for a Laurel and Hardy Sunday

The Niles Film Museum is the new official home of the San Jose Chapter of the Laurel and Hardy Film Appreciation Society (aka, the MIDNIGHT PATROL oasis of SONS OF THE DESERT). Incidentally, there is no Laurel and Hardy fan club, it's a Film Appreciation Society, at the express wishes of Stan Laurel.

The Niles Film Museum has been showing Sundays with The Boys about once a month for quite a while now, and I finally made it to one last night. It was most definitely worth it. Oh, and by the way, these were talkies (futuristical!)

First up was THE HOOSE-GOW: Stan and Oliver claim they were innocent bystanders of a police raid, but they're thrown in jail anyway, and of course hilarity ensues, culminating with a car radiator full of rice exploding and a giant rice-throwing fight.

Next another short, this time Our Gang in FREE EATS: A couple of thieving midgets (or "fidgets") crash a kids party looking to rob the place. Our Gang has to foil them. Features the very first appearance of Spanky (barely 3 years old, so it's hard to understand what he says).

Then an intermission, then the feature:

PARDON US continues with a crime and punishment theme. Their first feature length (56 minutes) has them sent to prison for trying to sell home brewed beer to a policeman during Prohibition. They make "friends" with a tough thug named Tiger. They escape. They hide out in black face picking cotton for a while (Yikes! a product of its time...oh, well). They get caught and sent back to jail, and then get involved in a prison riot that they accidentally subdue, earning their full pardon from the warden. And of course, along the way lots of wacky hijinx ensue. Awesome.

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