Friday, December 19, 2008

Jason watches a special preview screening of "Fruit Fly"

Sponsored by the Center for Asian American Media, this is the directorial debut of H. P. Mendoza (writer/star of "Colma: The Musical"). It was held in the Poleng Lounge, a bar/performance space which is featured in the movie.

L. A. Renigen (Maribel in "Colma") stars as Bethesda, a Filipina performance artist who does works based on her identity as an adoptee and her search for her parents. She's just moved to San Francisco to do a show. She moves into a house with a wacky array of artistic tenants--Windham, the gay set designer; a pair of lesbian artists who live together; the runaway who's just; and the mysterious Dirty Judy who lives upstairs. She spends most every night partying with Windham and every morning trying to remember what she did last night. This earns her the title of Windham's "fag hag" (in a very memorable musical number...oh yeah, like "Colma" this is a musical and features Mendoza's particular brand of fast paced musical comedy. The soundtrack alone is worth the movie).

So yeah, the movie follows Bethesda comic, musical misadventures as she tries to find her place in the world, and particularly the art world of San Francisco. It's funny, sometimes a little cheesy (you can tell some of the actors are just local friends and non-actors). In the intro, they said they hoped it would get into SFIAAFF next March. Considering that CAAM also produces the SFIAAFF, I'd say it's a sure bet. So look for it there (festival is March 12-22, 2009).


baceman007 said...

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She spends most every night partying with Windham and every morning trying to remember what she did last night.
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