Friday, August 7, 2009

Jason goes to Jewfest North--Day 14

Just one show last night. I went up to Berkeley to see the shorts compilation "Jewtoons". Here's the rundown of the lineup:

SAND BOX--kids playing, while missiles pick them off one by one.

HARDCOVER & PAPERBACK--Origami love. Paperback is a total slut.

TRACE--A woman fantasizes about the hell her life would be if she got married...and the hell it would be if she didn't.

THE DEMON BRIDEGROOM--A stop-motion classic Jewish mystic folk tale. Hypnotic flowers, demons, robots, and warping of time.

I WANNA BE FAMOUS--A music video for comedienne/singer Jessica Delfino. A young woman wants to be famous. And she has a sure-fire plan.

THE OPTION OF WAR--Kafka's story of the psychological battle between the jackals and their meat.

WOODS--A woodsman silently surveys his forest. He has chopped down so many trees. And he's building a damn cool tree fort.

TRUE LOVE HOTEL--3 part story of a lonely man. Sex is full of blinking red lights.

BETON--Get serious, man, we're at war against kites!

THE FOXHOLE MANIFESTO--A frank, funny look at the nature of G-d.

IN APORIA--Scratch the skin, pull out a bunch of red string. This one freaked me out.

LINE 9--Stalking is the sincerest form of love.

ESCAPISM--An IDF soldier escapes into his fantasies--and then some.

MY MEMORIES ARE ENTWINED WITH YOU--Oddly, I couldn't remember this one. I might've slept through it. But I just watched it on Youtube and it's a sweet story of young love in 90's Israel. Now that I think about it, I think it played without subtitles last night. Now I know what it's about.

HEART OF AMOS KLEIN--The life and heartbeat of one-armed proud militant Israeli Amos Klein.
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