Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jason goes to Bad Movie Night and sees THE WIZARD OF OZ

Wait, what? Bad movie night?! Right, they did a month of "blasphemy," playing good movies while drunkenly ragging on them. And for Thanksgiving weekend they played the Thanksgiving classic WIZARD OF OZ.

It's the story of a stupid little girl who goes skipping through a magical land with a bunch of idiotic queers. We took a vote and determined that the Cowardly Lion is, in fact, the gayest (narrowly beating out the Tin Man). The moral is that you shouldn't seek adventure but learn to be happy in your gray, colorless, Kansas life (presumably marrying the boy next door and having a bunch of kids while never leaving town). Incidentally, that's the exact opposite of the series of books, where eventually Dorothy moves to Oz with her Uncle Henry and Auntie Em. Also, have you ever noticed when approaching the Wicked Witch's castle, the Scarecrow is holding a gun? (FYI, Speilberg has bought the rights to the movie so he can digitally replace it with a walkie-talkie).

Oh yeah, and what sort of retarded city planner builds a road that ends in a fucking spiral? What the hell, this movie does suck!
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