Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jason watches STAR TREK

And it Not perfect, often silly, in many ways wrong. But a lot of fun.

Starting with the first trailer I saw, I knew I shouldn't expect a "real" sci-fi film, but rather an action flick in space (BTW, for real good sci-fi, catch MOON when it comes out in June). Given those low standards, I was at least pleased that it included pretty much my favorite sci-fi staple (spoiler warning: it's time travel). But other than that, yeah it's an action flick in space, not sci-fi (and the physicist side of me wants to point out that it's explicitly not Feynman diagram consistent time travel. Blah blah blah, whatever, that's what insulates them to fanboy gripes of anti-canon history).

Most of the enjoyment comes from watching young versions of your favorite characters (coming next summer: STAR TREK BABIES). Zachary Quinto was perfectly cast as young Spock. Chris Pine was cast as Kirk I think based on his ability to hang from precipices. Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov were there, but mostly uninteresting (the Uhura love triangle tries, but fails, and references to their skills come of more as winks to the fans than anything that moves the story further). Scotty is unfortunately little more than comic relief (and I love Simon Pegg, it's just as a science geek I wish he'd been given more meat). But what I really learned is that Bones is fuckin' cool (a million points to Karl Urban). In fact, it reminded me that I'd forgotten how Dr. McCoy was always my favorite character. Maybe this is revisionist history, but I like to pretend I had the heart of a crotchety old coot even when I was a kid.

So yeah, it probably falls short of what it could've been (at it's best, Star Trek is a thrill ride of the mind, not of the gut), but it's a few notches above what I was afraid it would be.
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