Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jason is featured on another blog

Hell on Frisco Bay, a very good local cinephile blog (one that's much better than me at publicizing upcoming events), has published it's year in review "best of" lists from local movie blogger, and was kind enough to invite me to contribute. If you want to skip everyone else (although I'd never suggest you do) you can go right here.

I should specify that he asked me to weigh in on my favorite repertory/revival screenings. I took that to mean that even if my favorite film of the year had premiered in 2007, it was still in it's initial festival run and doesn't really count as a repertory/revival show. Same with a film like Teeth, which premiered at Sundance in January 2007, but finally made an art-house theatrical run in early 2008. It wouldn't even be eligible for this list, no matter how much I loved it. I could go on. Point is, if he hadn't asked me to keep it to repertory or revival screenings, I probably couldn't have done it.

But, in any case, I'm pretty proud of what I chose for my favorites, and I'll stand behind it completely. Thanks again for letting me contribute, Brian.
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